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Program configuration for KNode 0.10

Make the following adjustments to use our news server:

Start KNode.

Unless you have already configured an e-mail or newsgroups account, a second window opens over the program's main window. Here you can configure KNode.

Proceed to step #4.

If that window is not shown, open it by selecting the Settings menu, then Configure KNode....

Menu: Settings - Configure KNode...

KNode's configure windows opens. In the list on the left, select Accounts, the click the Newsgroups Servers tab and the Add... button.

Configure: Accounts - Add

Several data has to be entered in that "New Account" window. On the Server tab you can assign a short name for that account in Name. We have chosen "NetNews".

In Server enter the name of our news server: News.Individual.NET.

If the access to the server is authenticated by password, check Server requires authentication. In User and Password, enter the account details you have received from us.

New Account: Server

On the Indentity tab enter your real name in Name and your e-mail address in Email address.

Click OK to close this window.

New Account: Identity

KDE has its own password storage system - KWallet. If you haven't used it before, an assistant is started. To protect the data you will have to assign a separate password.

Start KWallet - assistant

KWallet - enter passwort

If you have used KWallet before, you are asked for that password.

Enter KWallet password

Storing your account information in the news reader's configuration is a potential security risk. If you are unsure, please refer to our FAQ at http://news.individual.net/faq.php#1.6.

Time to connect to our news server. Click the account from the left column in the main menu. Then select the Account menu, then Subscribe to Newsgroups....

Menu Accounts - Subscribe to Newsgroups

Click Fetch List to download the list of groups available on our server.

Dialog: Fetch group list?

Knode retrieves the list now. This may take some time.

Initially the list of groups is shown in a collapsed view. You can open and close each (sub)hierarchy by clicking the plus or minus sign, or by double-clicking the name. Subscribe a group by checking the box left of the name. Click OK when finished.

Subscribed groups

After subscribing a moderated group KNode might give an alert as shown below. Uncheck "Do not show this message again" if you don't want to see it again, then click OK.

Alert: Moderated groups

Your subscribed groups will appear in the left part of the main window below the account. Click a group from the list to retrieve the articles available in that group.

Select a group

Now you can read and write articles via our server.

Read articles

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